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The Circle of 5ths is a fascinating music tool that incorporates many elements of music theory into a visual format. Just as a color wheel shows how colors blend together in harmony, the Circle of 5ths shows how the 12 unique tones work harmoniously in music. In this Music Theory book - Circle of 5ths, I show you 17 aspects of how to understand the Circle of 5ths and their applications to ukulele playing. Many people only understand the Circle of 5ths in a 'static' manner. I show you how to make the Circle of 5ths come alive so that you can use it interactively in your ukulele music. Here are the 17 topics covered: THE CIRCLE OF 5THS - Introduction 1. The Diagram of the Circle of 5ths 2. 12 Key Signatures 3. Flats and Sharps 4. Learn This Trick 5. Rosa's Rotary Circle 6. All 12 Major Keys 7. Chord Movement - Counter Clockwise 8. Circle of 4ths? 9. I IV V7 of all 12 Keys 10. 7 Diatonic Chords of all 12 Keys 11. Major and Minor Scales 12. Common Chord Progressions 13. Transposing Songs to Other Keys 14. Ukulele Chord Charts with the Circle of 5ths 15. Roman Numeral System 16. 144 Ukulele Chord Chart Reference 17. Conclusion Have Fun! :)

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