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The New Yorker, October 13th 2014 (Peter Hessle...
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In this issue:COMMENT ´´The Party and the People´´, by Evan Osnos: The crisis in Hong Kong.THE TALK OF THE TOWN ´´Second Act´´, by Reeves Wiedeman: A former secret service agent’s new role. ´´Ukulele Days´´, by Tad Friend: An actor’s ukulele kept him sane during a difficult film-shoot. THE FINANCIAL PAGE ´´Climate Trades´´, by James Surowiecki: How wealthy countries can help reduce pollution coming from the developing-world.LETTER FROM CAIRO ´´Tales of the Trash´´, by Peter Hessler: A neighborhood garbageman explains modern Egypt.ANNALS OF IMMIGRATION ´´The Kitchen Network´´, by Lauren Hilgers: America’s underground Chinese restaurant workers.THE CURRENT CINEMA ´´Dangerous Words´´, by David Denby: Reviews of Men, Women & Children and Kill the Messenger. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dan Bernard, Christine Marshall. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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