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Ukulele, A study for the Ukulele the Hawaiian Way. You too can learn to play! A complete learning text book written by an Hawaiian person with Hawaiian songs, this is the only book of it''s kind out. The Ukulele is a very unique and versatile instrument and it can be used as a solo voice, or a complete accompaniment instrument. The proficiency of the Ukulele player can only be possible by having a thorough knowledge and understanding of this instrument and of music itself. All of you who want to learn and play this unique instrument need to: 1. Acquire knowledge. 2. Learn how to study 3. Learn what to study. By going through all the material in this book, you will be able to play almost any kind of music you desire. A complete learning text book written by an HAwaiian person with Hawaiian songs, one of a kind. Henry Kaleialoha Allen has over 50 years of music playing, performing professionally and teaching! Henry knows what he is talking about and his method works and has been used in the department of education in Hawaii with the schools he has taught in. His great grandfather, William Mersberg, was the first leader of the King Kamehameha''s own band.

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