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DescriptionThe complete Absolute Beginners method - all in one book!Absolute Beginners has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you play your ukulele. Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing along with a backing track.In this book you get:a look-and-learn course that uses clear pictures instead of long explanations; practical advice and tips covering everything you need to know to get you playing fast;CD audio tracks show you how things should sound, plus full-length accompaniment tracks to play along with.Simply everything you need is included in this owner´s manual approach to your ukulele that makes learning easier than ever before.Written by Steven Sproat who is a Ukulele player with considerable experience. He has broadcast on many radio stations including BBC Radio 2 and BBC Scotland. Steven has played at prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scott´s in London, the Cheltenham Festival and the New York Ukulele Festival and is also a teacher – his most famous pupil being comedian Harry Hill!For Ukeleles in standard GCEA tuning.

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