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Mel Bay Stout Dempler Mary Lou - Easy Ukulele M...
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Media Type : BookLevel : BeginningMusical Genre : All StylesNumber of pages : 60The Easy Ukulele Method books give you music at your fingertips! Book II reviews many of the fundamentals presented in Book I. It tests your music reading skills with worksheets, expands your knowledge with additional chords, and gives you many more songs to play. Both notation and tablature are used, allowing you to strum along using the chord symbols or play the melody with the tablature.

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Raiders of the Lost Car Park: Cornelius Trilogy...
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Part two of the three-part Epic Adventure - featuring a lost car park, the Hidden King of the World and more conspiracies than you can shake a stout stick at. Cornelius Murphy, big-haired tall boy and Stuff of Epics, has a plan. That with the aid of a reinvented ocarina, he and his best friend Tuppe enter London’s Forbidden Zones (areas cunningly hidden from us through the A-Z street directory and a conspiracy of black cab drivers) and liberate the countless billions of pounds worth of booty that lies therein. And while doing so, rescue Hugo Rune, self-styled Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived, guru to gurus and father to Cornelius Murphy. Hugo Rune has plans of his own. Overthrow the Dark Forces within the Forbidden Zones, a lost race of fairy folk, ruled over by an evil king, whose identity will come as some surprise. And kidnap Her Majesty the Queen (God bless her) during a performance of the world’s greatest rock band, Gandhi’s Hairdryer. Inspectre Hovis of Scotland Yard has a most definite plan: arrest Hugo Rune for his crimes against Chinese noodle parlours and a list of offences far too long to list. Robert Rankin describes himself as a teller of tall tales. The Morning Star describes him as ´The Master of Silliness´, and his publisher describes him as ‘The Master of Far Fetched Fiction’. He is the author of more than thirty novels, of which he has sold millions of copies, and he makes people laugh around the world. Robert loves going on tour, signing books for readers, and his appearances at signings and conventions are legendary, often including a stand-up routine, a song (accompanied by his ´air-ukulele´), and an always-entertaining question-and-answer session. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert Rankin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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